After 20+ years designing magazines, I get along well with challenging pages. I have been freelancing full-time for over seven years, and have loved every moment of it. Before freelancing, I worked as an Art Director on a variety of titles, including Canadian Lawyer, Canadian Kitchen & Bath, and Pets Magazine. 

I have served as a panel judge for the Sign Association of Canada, the Economic Developers' Council of Ontario, the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards presented by the Canadian Business Press/Magazines Canada, and most recently the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs).

Why me?

Because I put my heart and soul into what I do. Because I understand budgets and deadlines, and I respect them. Because your projects and our relationship are equally important to me — it's what I've built a solid business on. And because I believe that if you can't create a win-win situation for your client and yourself, then you shouldn't take on the work.


My clients past and present have included Ryerson University, Carswell Thomson-Reuters, Kleiser Media, Universus Media, CLB Media and Firefly Books.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, or would like more info about my history, awards and experience, drop me a line. Most days I can be found sharing my studio with a lazy hound and an alarmingly tenacious ficus.


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